I had a dream last night. You took me rock climbing.

You wouldn’t turn around, so I couldn’t see your face. It’s because I forgot what you looked like.

You didn’t speak at all, so I couldn’t hear your voice. It’s because I forgot what you sounded like.

You were ahead of me, the sun was so bright. My soul knew it was you.

I had a dream three nights ago, I was suddenly in the back of a car. The door was open, slushy snow on the ground. It was sunny too, a beautiful early spring day. Behind me was a beautiful mansion surrounded by a black iron gate. There was a pool, the most beautiful shade of blue I had ever seen.

I looked at myself to see that I was wearing a wedding dress, this day is my wedding day. I walked down the isle but didn’t see any of my family. But in front of me stood the most handsome man I have ever seen. He was crying as I got closer to him. He was my groom. He is my unknown soulmate.

Two nights ago, I had a dream where I woke up in the desert. There was a fiery plane crash behind me. I walked alone, for hours into the desert until I finally woke up.